I welcome you to the very real possibility of having your own business!  I am a private business consultant, and I am the one to help you find your future business!!! My expertise has extended well over 10 years, and in this time I have acquired many business clients as well as stock. So feel free to get in touch with me and I will help you find the perfect business.

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I found myself managing and operating businesses of various sizes when most others my age were enjoying the ‘free’ life. naturally I had a knack for it and simply improved upon it. I believe in carving something for yourself. I wont say I never enjoyed life, I just enjoyed fulfilling others dreams. still do. In ethics as well as business i believe in  justice and all dealings in life should be fair and just. As such I aim to satisfy both parties and give advise that is honest and truthful and benefit the parties involved rather than myself. I can say with all honesty that most of my clients I have accumulated over the years have become more friends or even family, and they will gladly testify of my well known name in the business community. Although I personally do not own a business. I am a mere business man who comes from a long line of business men and offer advise. Most of my clients will tell you that they started off with a small tuck shop in a settlement somewhere and now own an upmarket take away or supermarket. I find joy and fulfillment in knowing that I helped them reach new heights in South Africa. ” A man can build a statue of himself but if the statue is build with flawed materials it will fall and crumble to the ground. people will look at this mans statue and see only rubble.” In the same way, I can boast all I want about my own knowledge and what others have achieved through me but in all honesty, let the testimonies speak.


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